Grow in your understanding of who God is and what God is doing in our community.

Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us!

Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us!

Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us!Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us!Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us!

About Our Church


United Methodists

With at least 12 million members as of 2014, the UMC is the largest denomination within the wider Methodist movement of approximately 80 million people across the world. In the United States, the UMC ranks as the largest mainline Protestant denomination, the largest Protestant church after the Southern Baptist Convention,  and the third largest Christian denomination. In 2014, its worldwide  membership was distributed as follows: 7 million in the United States, and 4.4 million in Africa, Asia and Europe. In 2015, Pew Research estimated that 3.6 percent of the US population,  or 9 million adult adherents, self-identify with the United Methodist  Church revealing a much larger number of adherents than registered  membership


Who We Are

 We of Taylorsville UMC are a community of faith who believe in Jesus  Christ and who value Bible study, prayer, mission and growing in  discipleship. We will connect with our unchurched neighbors through  small groups that present opportunities to share our faith and worship  God together. 


Our Philosophy

 We believe that God reveals himself  to humanity through the Word  incarnate, Jesus Christ, through the Word written, in Holy Scripture and  the Word proclaimed. We believe that Jesus Christ was fully human and  fully divine, and as such, came to earth to show to humanity the depth  of God’s love for us all. Through his life, death and resurrection,  Jesus provided redemption for the world. The Holy Spirit continues to be  an active, real presence of God in the world today.

God first  chooses us— all of us. Accepting God to be a part of our lives provides  hope for today, opportunity for real change, and a promise of a tomorrow.

God desires a relationship with each and every person.  We pray that every person will come to know Jesus Christ—to have a  personal relationship with him, and grow in their discipleship. 

What Can You Expect The First Time You Come To TUMC?


Come as you are. Our 9 am worship service is very casual,  warm and friendly. A praise team will lead the worship, words are on the  screen, and there is a big modern praise team sound. We sing songs you  would hear on current Christian radio stations. After the music there is  a message given by the pastor relevant to daily living. On the first  Sunday of the month we have communion, anyone striving to be one with  Jesus is invited to partake, but no one is required to partake. No one  is “watching”. No pressure, just come and be. Bring the kids, they love  the music.

Our 11 am worship is a little more  formal in liturgy and hymn style, but we still encourage you to dress as  you feel comfortable. The people are warm and friendly. Don’t worry,  you cannot “do” anything wrong, so just come as you are and enjoy  singing mostly traditional hymns out of our worship books. There is a  nursery for babies and toddlers during this worship service, but if you  would rather have the younger ones with you in worship, that is fine  too, we have a smaller room in the worship area that you can be quiet  with the kids or nurse babies.

9:45 am is Sunday  School for all ages. All ages are growing together learning about the  Bible. Drop the kids off for Sunday School and go to a class for you.  Come as you are, but come. We have Sunday School for all ages from the  young ones to the more seasoned adults. There is something for everyone.